12 International Students Meetings Stage Held in Diyarbakır

Program with the slogan “From East to the West to one fair world”, this year held in 51 coutry and 91 city and ogranized by “Federation of International Students Society”(UDEF), took place at “Dicle University” in Diyarbakır.


At Dicle Universities Cultur and Congress Center program was visited by Rector Prof. Dr. Talip Gül, Rectors assistant Prof. Dr. Eyyüp Tanrıverdi, General Secretary Dr. Kenan Yakuboğlu, President of “Federation of International Students Society” (UDEF) Mehmed Ali Bolat, President of “Diyarbakır International Students Society” Metin Oktay, and student guests.


After student from Yemen started program reciting verses from the Kur’an-ı Kerim, Dicle Universities rector Prof. Dr. Talip Gül made his speach, saying that number of international students very much increased, and stated: “when number of foreign students increases, it contributes our educational system and in the same time we present our city and region.Two years ago our number of guests was 51, and now it is 460”.


After stating the importance of students who came from different parts of the world, Gül finished his speech with words “I wish to thank Federation of International Students Society and all those who joined to this meaningful meeting”.


While lecturer Ece Nazlı talked about the importance of Language teaching, practice and research center (TÖMER), Foreign Relations Office Manager Dc. Dr. Faruk Gökçe said that their goal is for Dicle University to become a point of attraction for international Students through their skills in language teaching, and that they aim towards international contribution.


UDEF-s President Mehmet Ali Bolat made a speech “Future of Interational students in the world”, right after students from Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan recited a poem, and a student from Syria sang a folk song. President Mehmet Ali Bolat stated in his speech :”We are trying to inspire hundreds of students who came from different geographies. Every international student who came from any four sides of the world is very valuable to us here in Turkey.”


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