12th International Students’ Gathering Concluded in Çanakkale

UDEF’s 12th International Students’ Gathering with the slogan of “For a Just World, From East to West” which this year is projected to be held in 51 countries and 91 different cities has concluded its Çanakkale phase. Çanakkale International Student Association hosted the Çanakkale event.


UDEF Organizational Relations Coordinator Necati Isbilen, President of Çanakkale International Student Association Ahmet Arican, President of International Student Union Mahad Hassan, COMU Intenational Student Consultant Enes Yasr, NGO representatives and international students attended the program that began with the recitation of noble verses of Quran.


International students introduced their countries to the attendees through the exhibition stands that they set up in ICDAS Congress Centre at Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University. The event witnessed exhibitions of traditional foods of different countries, handicrafts, musical instruments and folk songs belonging to different countries and cultures. Traditional dance and musical performances added vibrant colors to the event. Meanwhile attendees were served with traditional delicacies as well.


President of Çanakkale International Student Association, Ahmet Arican while presenting the inaugural speech mentioned about the presence of some 150 thousand international students in Turkey out of which around 1700 were currently pursuing their education in Çanakkale only. He noted that the students especially from Balkan, Middle Asia, Africa and Middle East regions comprised the majority of them. He further added, “We hold various activities and events with are students on specific occasions of the year. In addition, in the months of April and May we are organizing our grand events on international platform. Our students exhibit and explain their cultural and traditional aspects to the people of Çanakkale.”


Arican emphasized how these events help the spread the conscience of goodwill.UDEF Organizational Relation Coordinator Necati Isbilen forwarded that these events would continue until 4 May. He further added, “One of the main objective of these events is to let the world know of Turkey as an amazing educational hub and its greater opportunities for higher education. Meanwhile availing integration among the Turk people and international students. We aim to help our international students gain organizational skills. Turks and international students are coming along in a form. They are capable of exchanging their views from a Moroccan or an Ethiopian student regarding countries of each other. Of course, this adds a great value to our culture. Our programs are continuing in this form.”


A number of renowned guests attended the event that comprised of poetry, songs and dance performances from students.


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