12th International Students’ Gathering Continues in Trabzon

UDEF’s 12th International Students’ Gathering that will be held in 91 cities of 51 different countries this year was recently held in Trabzon. The event was organized by UDEF affiliated Karadeniz International Student Association at 15 July Democracy & Independence Park.


This year, the 12th International Students’ Gathering organized by UDEF with the motto of “For a Just World, From East to West” in 51 countries and 91 different cities was held in Trabzon. The event had exhibition stands of international students from 103 different countries. UDEF Vice President Mucteba Calisir, Trabzon IHH President Zuhtu Kalma, Director of Trabzon Immigration Department Ramazan Latifoglu, Mayor of Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Murat Zorluoglu, Mayor of Ortahisar Municipality Ahmet Metin Genc, President of Karadeniz International Students’ Association Omer Salimoglu, notable number of international students and local public attended the program.


Cultural Fest


The event that continued for two days had a number of cultural performances from international students. Alongside, the visitors even had chances to be acquainted to the traditional dress, musical instruments and food of different countries.


Our Volunteer Cultural Ambassadors


In his inaugural speech, President of Karadeniz Intenational Student Association, Omer Salimoglu while emphasizing on establishment of stronger emotional ties with the international students such that they recognize Turkey as their second home said, “ We can see it well that today’s new world order has stripped apart people from their cultural riches. We strive to avail these ambitious youths such that they feel Turkey as their second home. Trabzon hosts 1560 international students from 103 different countries. Around 500 of these students are scholarship holders and the rest are pursuing their studies on their own resources.


UDEF Vice President, Mucteba Calisir said, “In order to boost the organizational skills in our international students and provide them a platform to introduce their countries to the local public, this year we are organizing the 12th International Students’ Gathering in 91 cities of 51 different countries during 1 February - 4 May. While mentioning how each international student opens doors to a whole different geographical region, he further added, “We believe in advising all with our best efforts to be helpful to these students are miles and miles away from their homelands to seek education. And we start doing this by not addressing them as foreigners but our guests.”


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