12th International Students’ Gathering Continues with its events in Yalova

By the means of UDEF’s 12th International Students’ Gathering students from diverse nationalities and cultures came together in Yalova.


Under 12th International Students’ Gathering, which is being organized by UDEF in 91 cities of 51different countries, international students came together in the event hosted by Cinaralti International Student Association.


Students from Yalova University and periphery participated in the event with the slogan of “For a Just World, From East to West”. UDEF President Dr. Mehmet Ali Bolat, Governor of Yalova Muammer Erol, Director of Yalova Immigration Department Zafer Colak, UDEF Executive Assistant Aslan Bekiroglu, NGO representatives and international students, attended the event that began with the recitation from the Noble Quran.


UDEF President, Dr. Bolat in his speech mentioned of how these events, through years, have been a means of creating awareness in the countries and cities where international students dwell.
He further added, “We are organizing these events in 91 cities of 51 different countries. There are more than 150 thousands international students in Turkey. We hold them by the virtue of our cultures and values. Our belief is to organize and bring together, the students who are on a journey to achieve knowledge. We do not address them as foreigners but as our guests.”


Governor Erol expressed that he sees international students as “Trust” and said, “We might not replace your families but we strive to fulfill the role of guardianship. We are always one and together.”


Hasan Huseyin Ucar, President of Cinaralti International Student Association, expressed his goal of international students’ pleasure on their return, earning a strong carrier and profession.


Attendees visited the country stands. Students performed their cultural dances in traditional dresses. Visitors could savor traditional delicacies at the stands.


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