12th International Students’ Gathering continues with its events in Thailand

This year with the slogan of “For a Just World, From East to West”, 12th International Students’ Gathering, which is being held in 91 cities of 51 different countries concluded its Thailand phase.

The event that was held in the city of Patani began with the recitation of the Noble Quran. Vice-Chairman of TUMED Thailand Hasan Makman, Mayor of Patani Sed Alyufri, UDEF Vice-Chairman Musap Deniz Yildirim, TUMED Chairman Ergash Jumaev, NGO representatives and Turkish alumni attended the event.

Mayor Sed Alyufri said, “I would like to express my gratitude to UDEF for their valued efforts in the matters of introducing Thailand to the world as well as from the perspective of international students.”
He further addressing the Turkish alumni from Thailand, he continued, “It is not the education you carried here but your experiences in Turkey as well. You should use your experiences in economic development of Patani. We Muslims comprise 75% or 80% of the population of Patani but our contribution in terms of economy is not vital. We should support each other especially in terms of developing each other in terms of economy.”

Musab Deniz Yildirim said, “The number of international students have been noticed to be on surge since 2004. International students who travel to Turkey from far off their homes, we try our level best not leaving them alone being by their side in all situations. As UDEF, we strive to bridge hearts with the motive of Ansar-Muhajir Brotherhood. We support international students with counselling, guidance, stipend and accommodation, meanwhile, reminding them of their vital role in the establishment of a world full of peace.”

Chairman of TUMED, Ergash  Jumaev addressed the event saying, “Today, the presence of around 150,000 students from 203 countries makes Turkey the center of the same sentiment of We Are One Nation. And this is possible with the contributions of international students. As UDEF, we strive to be Ansar (of utmost help) to our fellow international students, irrespective of their countries of origin.” Jumaev further replied to the queries from the students who will to pursue their studies in Turkey. 

The event depicted how each of the international students are cultural ambassadors to the world and showed how important these events are in order to strengthen the inter-cultural ties. The event comprised of speeches from delegates and students, country presentations, Q&A sessions and cultural performances with local delicacies.

The event ended with souvenir exchange and group photograhs. 


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