12th International Students’ Gathering held in Afyonkarahisar

12th International Students’ Gathering, under the auspices of the Presidency of Republic of Turkey, which is projected to be held in 91 cities of 51 different countries, was held in the city of Karahisar.


Deputy Mayor Umit Seref Kayacan, Rector of Afyon Kocatepe University Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karakas, Family and Social Policy District Director Zekai Inan, Dean of Faculty of Islamic Sciences Prof. Dr. Mustafa Guler, Deam of Faculty of Economics and Management Department Prof Dr. Tugrul Kandemir, Profr. Dr. Isa Sagbas, Prof Dr. Ethem Kadri Pektas, PhD candidate A. Ayhan Koyuncu, Director of Youth Center Ahmet Erturk, President of Ipekyolu International Student Association Ebubekir Armagan, President of Karahisar International Student Association Osman Ziya Bilim, NGOs representative and intenational students attended the program.


The event began with recitation from the Noble Quran. Later, President of Karahisar International Student Association, Osman Ziya Bilim presenting the inaugural speech said, “Under the roof of UDEF, Karahisar International Student Association takes it as his personal duty to help international students with all sorts of issues related to education, accommodation, health and resident permit.


Ebubekir Armagan, President of Ipekyolu International Student Association said, “Turkey stands by the side of the oppressed as a hope, do not give up, open your heart, strengthen the bond. Let us stand firm in a row. Without any conflict amongst ourselves, let us strive for a better world together with honesty, purity and courage.”


With country introductory presentations and musical performances the event seemed a festival, where later the participants savored traditional delicacies of different countries. NGOs and international students.


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