12th International Students’ Gathering held in Batman

12th International Students’ Gathering, under the auspices of the Presidency of Republic of Turkey, which is projected to be held in 91 cities of 51 different countries, was held in the city of Batman.


The event that was held with the slogan of “For a Just World, From East to West” at Batman Hospital Square with students from different nationalities. The event had country stands from the students through which the local public could witness the culture of various countries.


UDEF affiliated Batman International Student Association organized the event, which was attended by UDEF Eastern and South-Eastern Anatolian Regional Coordinator Mehmet Fatih Gok, President of Batman International Student Association Assoc. Prof. Nurullah Cicioglu, Head of IHH Batman Mehmet Latif Kaya, Chairman of Officers’ Union Huseyin Sansi, Chairman of Medical Staffs Union Maruf Yalcin, NGO representatives and local public.


Local public could have amazing experience of being introduced to various cultures at the same time, through the country stands that the students installed. 


President of Batman International Student Association, Nurullah Cicioglu, delivered the inaugural speech at the event saying, “As an association, we having been holding activities related to international students. Students from all over the world are pursuing their education in our city, learning the Turkish language. We strive to provide them moral and material support and help them carry our norms and values that they earn here to the different parts of the world. I thank everyone for showing their interest and participating in this event.”


The vibrant event of 12th International Students’ Gathering in Batman concluded with memorial photographs.


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