12th International Students’ Gathering held in Djibouti

This year’s 12th International Students’ Gathering, organized by UDEF under the auspices of Presidency of Republic of Turkey, which is being held in 91 cities of 51 countries, completed its events in Djibouti. 


Turkish Ambassador for Djibouti H.E. S. Levent Sahinkaya, Djibouti TIKA Coordinator Mehmed Taha Dogan, International Maarif Schools Djibouti Director Enes Guneyli, Turkish alumni, UDEF Media Unit Coordinator Yasir Alakan, IHH Vice-President Orhan Sefik and international students attend the event of Djibouti.


The program began with recitation from the Noble Quran, following which Ambassador Sahinkaya made the inaugural speech saying, ““The efforts of organizing and bringing the international students are being done UDEF. UDEF strives to make international students in Turkey feel home. UDEF with 65 student organizations throughout Turkey is a grand NGO. In addition, the number of member students are beyond 45 thousand. I acknowledge UDEF’s efforts in strengthening the links with international students.”


Yasir Alkan, who attended the event on behalf of UDEF said, “International students who travel to Turkey from far off their homes, we try our level best not leaving them alone being by their side in all situations. As UDEF, we strive to bridge hearts with the motive of Ansar-Muhajir Brotherhood. We support international students with counselling, guidance, stipend and accommodation, meanwhile, reminding them of their vital role in the establishment of a world full of peace”


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