12th International Students’ Gathering held in Jarabulus

This year’s 12th International Students’ Gathering, organized by UDEF, which is projected to be held in 91 cities of 51 countries, was recently held in Syrian city of Jarabulus.


The event that was held in the Jarabulus city of Syria was attended by Rector and Vice-Rector of Gaziantep University, President of Yeni Dogu International Student Association, local politicians, Maarif Foundation Coordinator for Syria, bureaucrats and students.


The event started with the recitation from the Noble Quran. Following the recitation Prof. Dr. Ali Gur, Rector of Gaziantep University presented his inaugural speech saying, “I follow UDEF’s student related works closely. These works are of great importance for international students. I extend my gratitude towards UDEF for their fruitful efforts.”


President of Yeni Dogu International Student Association, Mahmud Tekin addressed the event saying, “A greater responsibility falls onto the shoulders of the new generation for creating a better and just world. If each of us plays their part properly, may not be immediately but on a long run, say in 20-25 years, we might see the just world that we all long for.”


With musical and local dance performances the event seemed no less than a festival, attendees were served with traditional Syrian delicacies.


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