12th International Students’ Gathering held in Jordan

This year, the 12th International Students’ Gathering organized by UDEF with the slogan of “For a Just World, From East to West” in 51 countries and 91 different cities has concluded its series of colorful events in Jordan.


The event was held on 5th and 6th April at Yunus Emre Institute in capital Amman as well as in the city of Irbid. The event was attended Manager of Amman Yunus Emre Institute Cengiz Eroglu, General Manager of Amman Maarif Foundation Ahmet Zeki Olas, representatives of various NGOs and international students.


May Peace and Brotherhood Prevail on Earth


The event began with the recitation of the Noble Quran. Presenting his inaugural speech, President of UDEF affiliated Cukurova International Student Association, Ibrahim Tokgoz while briefing about the activities of UDEF extended honor and pride that he felt for 12th International Students’ Gathering being held in Tunisia. He further added, “We wish for Peace and Brotherhood to prevail all over the world. We want the trade, culture and cuisine amongst us to flourish and spread just the way we share the joy of being here together at this moment.”


Later speaking in the program, Manager of Amman Yunus Emre Institute, Cengiz Eroglu said, “There are many students here, willing to study in Turkey. As Yunus Emre Institute, we have been providing various trainings and organizing activities that are oriented towards Turkish students. The students here possess great potential, which I hope will be well evaluated and we too are working with same purpose.”


General Manager of Amman Maarif Foundation, Ahmet Zeki Olas said, “Maarif Foundation is a new organization, especially in Jordan. In spite of that, the number of students here and there potential helped us work at a greater pace. We recently open a student dormitory in Amman. Jordan is a hub for international students in this region. While majority of them are from Turkey, there are students from China, Bangladesh, Spain and other countries as well. Evaluating this condition and reinforcements in this area would result is astounding outcomes.”


The participant students, which comprised of students seeking Turkish Language Preparatory courses and other Jordanian students, were able of get information regarding education in Turkey from Turkish alumni and UDEF representatives.

One Great Step


Huseyin Uctepe, who attended the event on behalf of UDEF said, “The journey that began in 2004 with a mere association i.e. SADER has now reached to a federation (UDEF) of 64 different student organizations throughout Turkey, and the spread of  its activities, to various countries all over the world such as Jordan, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. signifies its importance. The spread of these activities is a great step for establishing awareness among the Ummah.”


The program concluded with Q/A session and delicious local delicacies.


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