12th International Students’ Gathering held in Tekirdag

This year’s 12th International Students’ Gathering, organized by UDEF under the auspices of Presidency of Republic of Turkey, which is being held in 91 cities of 51 countries, completed its events in Tekirdag.


International students of various nationalities came along at Suleymanpasa Bedesten Square for UDEF’s 12th International Students’ Gatheringand through their country stands offered a cultural fest to local public. 


Rector of Namik Kemal University Prof. Dr. Mumin Sahin, Director of Tekirdag Immigration Department Omer Gumus, Tekirdag ISKUR Director Yasar Esen, Tekirdag Family Activities and Social Services Department Director Ulku Uslu, Tekirdag MUSIAD President Ahmet Candan, Tekirdag IHH Chairman Suleyman Caliskan, Tekirdag Ilim Yayma Union Chairman Bayram Meral, AK Parti Suleymanpasa Chairman Sezai Cetin, UDEF Institutional Relations Coordinator Necati Isbilen, NGO representatives and international students marked their presence at the event.


President of Tekirdag International Student Association, Rahim Celep, in the inaugural speech said, “Our association is an NGO that was establish 5 years ago, with a motive of providing educational and counselling services to the international students who come to Turkey. We bear a slogan as “We Are One Nation” and deal with 700 international students, which was just 65 in year 2010-2011. We hold educational and social activities for international students. With these activities, we try to develop the concise of everyone belonging to one same nation. I even extend my gratitude towards all the public and private organizations for their support.”


Speaking on behalf of international students, Erkan Molla from Greece said, “With your support we students from all over the world came along today to help organize the event of 12th International Students’ Gathering in Tekirdag. World is changing rapidly and meanwhile millions of people lie vulnerable to homelessness, without any nationality, struggling with health and other many problems and waiting for some help. We all witness how Turkey has been hope to these oppressed and suffering people. We know very well how important the contribution of youth is when it comes to establishing a world with more rights and justice. Let us strive to be the ambassadors of peace and justice, the way we are meant to be. We are aware that Turkey’s development and advancement means of great benefit to the world itself. We have this power and we are here to contribute our parts to this cause. And with a common voice, we international students call “For a Just World, From East to West”.


Necati Isbilen said, “UDEF is growing every day. Number of our associations are increasing. The 12th edition of our students’ gathering this year is being held in 91 cities of 51 different countries. There are more than 150 thousands international students in Turkey. We hold them by the virtue of our cultures and values. Our belief is to organize and bring together, the students who are on a journey to achieve knowledge. We do not address them as foreigners but as our guests.”


Rector of Namik Kemal University, Prof. Dr. Mumin Sahin said, “As Namik Kemal University we acknowledge international students with greater virtue. Currently there are 690 students in our university. We established Rumelian Research Center. We give importance to co-curricular activities as those organised by TUDER and similar associations for overall development of our students.”


The event later comprised of cultural performances from international students and all the visitors were served with local delicacies.


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