12th International Students’ Gathering organized in Rize

This year’s 12th International Students’ Gathering, organized by UDEF under the auspices of Presidency of Republic of Turkiye, which is being held in 91 cities of 51 countries, held in Rize.

President of Rize International Student Association, Hasan Kanbur made the inaugural speech saying, “Our goal is to help international students in Rize to cope up with local public and I would like to thank all the groups and organization who support our this objective.”

We Are Brothers and Sisters


Later speaking at the event, UDEF Educational Relations Coordinator, Mahmut Oguz said, “Today we meet here as a part of our journey that we began 12 years ago. We did our first event in Isanbul in very small place. Praises to Lord, today we are organizing them at squares and with a greater number of attendees. We are able bring together many faces and colors at the same place. The students here introduce you their cultures and let you live them as well. I strongly recommend you to visit each stand adn get introduced to them.”

The series of events which is being held in 91 cities of 51 different countries was attended by UDEF Education Relations Coordinator Mahmut Oguz, UDEF Educational Relations Vice-Coordinator Feyzullah Qaderi, President of Rize International Student Association Hasan Kanbur, Rize International Student Association Executive Committee Member Emre Arssan, international students and local public.

The event comprised of local delicacies and cultural performances.


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