12th International Students' Meet (ISM) kicked off at "Sri Lanka"

The 12th ISM which this year is projected to be held in 51 Countries and 91 different cities, with a slogan of "For a Just World, From East to West", began with its fete at Sri Lanka.


The 12th ISM which shall be an oppurtunity for international students in order to get together, kicked off in Sri Lanka on 7th March, at the Sri Lanka Foundation, Colombo. The program began with Qur'an recitation from guest students.

Following the recitation of Qur'an, Mehmet Çelik who attended the program on behalf of UDEF delivered his speech. In his speech, Çelik was found mentioning about UDEF and it's activities. He further expressed his happiness and gratitude for ISM being held in Sri Lanka.


We wish " For a Just World, From East to West "


Mr. Çelik mentioned, how the journey that began in 2004 with SADER has now reached to a federation (UDEF) of 64 different student organisations throughout Turkey, and the spread of its activities, to various countries all over the world such as Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Ecuador, etc. signifies its importance. The spread of these activities are great steps for establishing awareness among the Ummah. He even mentioned of importance of international students for establishing A Just World, From East to West.

Further, Mr. Çelik clarified in details regarding Turkish Scholarship, UDEF and its affliate student organisations, activities related to international students, relations with Turkish Alumni and other similar queries from the participants.


Vibrant Colours of Sri Lanka


Local dance and musical performances added a more vibrant frame to the program. At the end of the program, participants were served with the local dishes of Sri Lanka.


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