12th International Students Meeting  Continues With Pakistan

This years 12th International Students Meeting, held in 51 country and 91 city, continues with the Pakistan faze with the slogan “From East to the West to one fair world”.


Program was in Pakistans capital Islamabad; it was visited by: UDEFs Istanbul Organizations Coordinator Yunus Tatlı, Coordinator of UDEFs administrative affairs Muhammed Adem Arıkan, President of Khubaib Vakfı Nadeem Ahmed Khan, many STK presenters and many other guests.


After program began with the recitation of Kur`an-ı Kerim, speeches were made by President of Khubaib Vakfı Nadeem Ahmed Khan and Yunus Tatlı who spoke in the name of UDEF.


President of Khubaib Vakfı Nadeem Ahmed Khan talked about works of international students and youth of Pakistan and their goals. At the end he thanked UDEF and said that everyone involved in their work can find some use of it. 


UDEFs Istanbul Organizations Coordinator Yunus Tatlı said in speech: “From 2004 to today we can see a huge increase of international students in Turkey. We are trying never to leave alone all those who came for education. We are working on building bridges of brotherhood like ensar and muhajirs.  We are trying to provide guidance, informations and our services to all foreign students.”


Tatlı later talked about studying chances in Turkey. He finished saying: “We are always,together with 64 association Turkey, standing with international students, our brothers.”


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