12th International Students Meeting Finished its Faze in England

This years 12th International Students Meeting, held in 51 country and 91 city, and organized by Federation of International Students Associations (UDEF), finished its faze in England. 


Program with the slogan “From East to the West to one fair world”, gathered students from all parts of the world in England.
Program was held in Londons Yunus Emre Institute and was visited by: Manager of Yunus Emre Institute Dr. Mehmet Karakuş, Dean of European University of Business Dr. Yusuf Omar, General Secretary of Galbur Foundation Mrs Jamad Abdi, from Kings College University Dr. Farah Mohammed, many STK presenters and other guests.


Manager of Yunus Emre Institute Dr. Mehmet Karakuş said in his opening speech: “I am very grateful to UDEF for their work in the field of presenting our country, and for working well with international students.”


Presenter of UDEF who also joined the program, Ahmet Köroğlu, explained in his speech UDEFs mission and vision, and he brought up the importance of UDEFs role in Turkish International Students Policy. Apart from this, he believes that, in the future, Turkey will take even more international students than countries like England, and that number of foreign students will be larger than in other countries. He also stated that UDEF will always be ready to make this become reality.


After Ahmet Köroğlu finished his speech, Dr. Farah Mohammed talked and said:“I did not know about this type of activity. I very much aprecciate activities made by Turkey and UDEF.”


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