12th International Students Meeting Held in Mongolia

Program organized by Federation of International Students Associations (UDEF), held in 51 country and 91 city, finished its faze in Mongolia.


With the slogan of “From East to the West to one fair world” Federation of International Students Associations (UDEF) gathered students from Turkey and many different countries of the world in Mongolia.


In Mongolian capital Ulan Batur program was visited by many: Turkish ambassador in Mongolia M.Ahmet Yazal, Coordinator of TİKA in Mongolia Emrah Ustaömer, Coordinator of Turkish airlines in Mongolia Ali Özdemir, President of Elbirliği Association Gylymkhan Ermekei and board members, President of Ata Türkiye Mezunlar Association Baasanbat Ya and board members, Rector of National Academy of Governance University Prof. Dr. Zulfikar, President of Yurdışı Moğolistan Mezunlar Association Khoskhuu, Authority of Mongolias Maarif Vakfı Güven Hızarcı, many STK presenters and other student guests. 


After program began with the recitation of Kur`an-ı Kerim, turkish ambassador in Mongolia, M. Ahmet Yazal, made a speech. He stated: “I am very grateful to UDEF for their work in the field of presenting our country, and for working well with international students. “
After turkish ambassador made his speech, authority of Mongolias Maarif Vakfı Güven Hızarcı said that Mongolian students who come back from studying in Turkey keep reflecting turkish culture. He pointed out that students who finish highschool and go to study at some university in Turkey make these countries relations a lot stronger that way.


Following the speech of authority of Mongolias Maarif Vakfı Güven Hızarcı, President of Samsun International Students Association, connected to UDEF, Kerami Gün, held his speech. Gün said: “Today, in Turkey, we have up to 150 thousand students, brothers,  from 150 different countries, with the thought “We are one nation” wich became their center.” Kerami Gün also talked about chances of studying in Turkey and later answered questions asked by students interested in this topic.


It was a nice program wich showed that  having international students is very important role of country, because that is the best way to also present your own culture. 


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