As it is known, UDEF (Federation of International Student Associations) is the largest non-governmental organization working in this field in our country to serving 178 thousand international students who come to our country from 203 countries for educational purposes. 

We serve our guest students through 65 member associations and 25 volunteers affiliated with our Federation. We are in the mid of the calendar for the International Student Gatherings organizations, which we organize for the 13th time in 61 countries and 111 cities.

 In terms of being an international organization covering many countries of the world, it constitutes a large chain of programmes that draw attention. Regarding this organization, it has been deemed appropriate for us to present the measures taken in relation to the coronavirus pandemic, which the world is currently struggling with, for public information.

As UDEF, We want to make sure that all kinds of precautions are taken with maximum attention in organizations by both our member associations and alumni associations on the field side of the organization with regards to the virus outbreak. Since the organization is international, we need to avoid a possible misconception about the spread of the virus. As a federation, we are organizing a big meeting with our international students from many countries of the world for education. 

Here we need to draw attention to a particular point. The International Student Gatherings were never conducted as a general executive intention by taking a student from one place to another. Every student in the gatherings introduce their the food, language, culture, historical and touristic places of his own country to the people there, in the city, in the country, in the region, where he/she has already been living. This great organization, which has been taking place for 13 years, is taking place in this manner this year as well.

 As the non-governmental organization with the measures taken by our state, we act by taking all kinds of measures that fall on us. In this regard, at every point where our organization will take place, the situation there is evaluated by our local organizer association and the relevant units of the country in which country it will be held. The programme will be organ performed in inappropriate places, whereas in places where there is a risk, decisions are made in the form of postponement or cancellation. 

In this context, all the programmes to be held in different provinces of  Turkey are postponed to the month of May, while the Final Programme planned in  April 11 has been postponed to June 6, 2020. 

The general public is humbly informed.


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