Azerbaijan Hosts 12th International Students’ Gathering in Baku

Azerbaijan hosted the 12th International Students’ Gathering, which this year is projected to be held in 91 cities of 51 different countries.


UDEF Assistant Project Coordinator Mucahit Suzer, Bab-I Alem Middle Asia-Caucus Regional Incharge Sinan Karagulle, Seyfettin Cerit and Orhan Fidan representating UDEF, President of Yeni Yol Association Adil Abdullayev, a notable number of representatives from various NGOs and international students attended by event that was held in Baku.


Addressing the program, which consisted of presentations introducing different countries and local treats, Seyfettin Cerit said, “Turkey possesses incredibly favorable conditions for university education. We as UDEF try to be Ansar (of utmost help) to our international students irrespective of their origin. With our 64 different associations throughout Turkey we are always by the side of our international students.”


Later presenting his greetings UDEF Project Assistant Coordinator, Mucahit Suzer said, “A greater responsibility falls onto the shoulders of the young generation for establishing a better and more just world than that of today. If each of us take care of their own responsibilities, maybe not instantaneously tomorrow but on a long run of 20-25 years we will be able of see a more just world.”


Following Suzer, President of Yeni Yol Association, Adil Abdullayev briefed as in, “I would extend my due respect and gratitude to UDEF for their efforts, which not only in terms of introducing our country to outer world but also are of great values from the perspective of welfare of international students.”


With the local dance and musical performances, the event seemed no less than a festival itself. In the end, participants savored local Azerbaijan delicacies.


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