Colors of World Meet in Afghanistan

UDEF’s 12th International Students’ Gathering, which this year will be held in 91 cities of 51 different countries, was recently held in Afghanistan.


TIKA Afghanistan Coordinator Recai Kilinc, Coordinator of UDEF’s Educational Affairs Unit Mahmut Oguz, Assistant Coordinator of UDEF’s Educational Affairs Unit Feyzullah Qaderi, President of Hadaf Foundation MP Dr. Hamiduddin Yoldas, representatives of NGOs and several international students, attended the event held in Kabul.


The event began with the recitation from the Noble Quran. After the recitation, Mahmut Oguz in his inaugural speech said, “The number of international students have been noticed to be on surge since 2004. International students who travel to Turkey from far off their homes, we try our level best not leaving them alone by being at their sides in all situations. As UDEF, we strive to bridge hearts with the motive of Ansar-Muhajir Brotherhood. We support international students with counselling, guidance, stipend and accommodation, meanwhile, reminding them of their vital role in the establishment of a world full of peace.”


Mr. Oguz who was found briefing about the higher education opportunities in Turkey said, “Turkey possesses favorable conditions for university education. We as UDEF try to be Ansar (of utmost help) to our international students irrespective of their origin. With our 64 different associations throughout Turkey we are always by the side of our international students.”


Later in the event, Recai Kilinc, Coordinator of TIKA Afghanistan mentioned about importance of unity and the vital role that education can play against the existing injustice in the world.


MP Dr. Hamiduddin Yolda, President of Hadaf Foundation addressed the event saying, “A huge number students from Afghanistan are pursuing their studies in various universities in Turkey currently. Many students applied for Turkish Scholarships this year as well. We would like to extend our gratitude towards our close ally, The Republic of Turkey for providing such opportunities to our students. I would like to express my gratitude to UDEF as well for their valued efforts in the matters of introducing Afghanistan to the world as well as from the perspective of international students.”


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