Colors of World Met in Corum

International students in Turkey’s city of Corum came along to introduce themselves in 12th International Students’ Gathering; organized by UDEF.


UDEF affiliated Corum Intenational Student Association organized the event, in which students from 15 different countries installed their stands. These stands from the international students exhibited their culture belongings, traditional sports, food, clothes, and regional dances. Mayor of Corum, Halil Ibrahim, Director of Graduate School of Hitit University, Zekeriya Isik, a number of representatives from various NGOs and international students marked their presence at the event.


The even began with the recitation of the Noble Quran. President of Corum Intenational Student Association, Huseyin Calisir made the inaugural speech. Calisir said, “It is our main goal to have the students to own consciousness of universal brotherhood, to know the modern world order, to have high organizational capability, to be aware of the situation and requirements of their countries, to know the glorious of Islamic culture and history and to return to their countries as volunteer ambassadors of civilization.”


Later speaking at the event, Vice President of UDEF, Fatih Evran mentioned, “The presence of some 150 thousand international students in Turkey from 203 different countries is forming the center of the idea of ‘We Are One Nation’. This consciousness is formed by the contributions of our fellow international students. We as UDEF strive to be of utmost help to our international students, regardless of their country of origin.”


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