Colors of World meets in South Korea

This year, the 12th International Students’ Gathering organized by UDEF with the motto of “For a Just World, From East to West” in 51 countries and 91 different cities including those from Bosna-Herzegovina to Nepal and from The Republic of South Africa to England has concluded its South Korean phase in the city of Busan.


The event, which was held near the Islamic Center Al-Fath Masjid in the city of Busan was attended by President of BMSA (Busan Muslim Student Association) Mohammad Sayef, President of KMF (Korean Muslim Federation) Imam Yasser, Solayman Jungi as thr representative of Salam Noure Foundation Busan, Commissioner of Police of Busan Park Sang Jin, Chief Emergency Officer Lee Sang Heum, Chairman of the Masjid Committee Abdulsalam Noh Seik, Haci Mehmet Kara, President of UDEF asscociated Bâb-ı Âlem International Student Association as well as large number of guest students.


The event began with inaugural speech of Haci Mehmet Kara who was attending it on behalf of UDEF.


Mr. Kara said, “The Korean War brought us together in the 1950s. Ever since then we have been by the side of Korean brothers and sisters and so are we with our fellow international students. Despite our differences, we must not forget the commonalities amongst as, that is what we say always ‘We Are One Nation’.” The vibrant event experienced stunning local dance and musical performances, traditional delicacies and presentations regarding South Korean.


While briefing about the opportunities of higher education in Turkey, Mr. Kara further added, “Turkey bears fairly favorable conditions for university education. We as UDEF, with our 64 different associations do our best to be Ansar (of utmost help) and be by the sides of our fellow international students, irrespective of their place of origin.”


Following the speech from Mr. Kara, President of BMSA Mohammad Sayef while expressing about the education related activities in Busan said, “I would like to thank UDEF for their sensitivity and pioneership in terms of their international students oriented activities.”


In the program where many countries' promotional stands were opened, folkloric and cultural elements of the countries as well as local flavors were presented.


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