Gambia Joins the Justice Call

This year, the 12th International Students’ Gathering organized by UDEF with the slogan of “For a Just World, From East to West” in 51 countries and 91 different cities including those from Kazakhstan to Jordan and from Somalia to Gambia has concluded its Gambian phase in the city of Banjul.


Deputy Heads of Mission at the Turkish Embassy to Gambia Birgi Ertufekci and Saliha Atalar, Director of Turkish Maarif Foundation in Gambia Sehar Tahseen Sert, Station Manager of Turkish Airlines in Banjul Gultekin Kilinc, a number of representatives from various NGOs and international students attended the event that was held in the capital city of Banjul.


The event consisted of promotional and introductory presentations of different nations. Ali Aktas who attended the event on behalf of UDEF said, “Turkey possesses very favorable conditions for university education. We, as UDEF, put our efforts in order to provide our utmost help to the international students regardless of their origin. With 64 different student organizations all over Turkey, we are always by their side.”


Following Aktas, President of TUMED International Alumni Association Ankara Branch, Sorwar Alam, while briefing about the alumni related activities said, “A great responsibilities falls on the shoulders of the young generation in order to build a better and just world than the one that we live in today. And if we all should do, what comes in our parts, maybe not tomorrow but by the end of some 20 or 25 years the just world that we dream for, can be seen.”


Deputy Head of Mission at Turkish Embassy Banjul, Birgi Ertufekci thanked alumni and students participating the event. Sehar Tahseen Sert from Turkish Maarif Foundation briefed about the Maarif School related activities. Following the speeches and question-answer session, the event witnessed Gambia’s cultural pieces along with local delicacies.


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