International Students’ Gathering held in Gebze

UDEF’s International Students’ Gathering, which is projected to be held in 91 cities of 51 countries with a slogan of “For A Just World, From East to West”, was recently held in Gebze.


The event, which was the held at Gebze Square, experienced an overwhelming interest from local public. Mayor of Gebze Municipality Zinnur Buyukgoz, Rector of Gebze Technical University Prof. Dr. M. Hasan Aslan, Head of Youth Department of Kocaeli Municipality Ali Bilgi, Head of AK Party Gebze Office Irfan Ayar, Chairman of Cayirova National Education Board Azmi Tunc, Manager of KYK Gebze Resul Kotan, Regional Head of Gebze MUSIAD Serkan Beyaz, President of UDEF Dr. Mehmet Ali Bolat, President of Kocaeli International Student Association Fatih Karacoban, UDEF Gebze Representative Mustafa Ozturk, representatives of various NGOs and international students attended the program.


The event began with the recitation from the Noble Quran, later followed by speeches from valued guests.


Dr. Mehment Ali Bolat, President of UDEF made the inaugural speech. He said, “We strive to establish the conscience of one nation among the thousands of students who comes to Turkey from different parts of the world. I see rise in help and assistance that all the governmental bodies and the NGOs showed to us. I would like to thank them all for this.”

Our activities are on rise.


Dr. Bolat who stated about the increase in the international students related activities continued:

“UDEF is growing every day. Number of our associations are increasing. The 12th edition of our students’ gathering this year is being held in 91 cities of 51 different countries. There are more than 150 thousands international students in Turkey. We hold them by the virtue of our cultures and values. Our belief is to organize and bring together, the students who are on a journey to achieve knowledge. We do not address them as foreigners but as our guests.


The speech, which focused on the vital responsibility of international students for establishing a just world followed stand visit by the present delegates. Traditional dance and musical performances, food and other stage performances presented a cultural feast to the people of Gebze.


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