International Students’ Gathering in Japan

The 12th International Students’ Gathering that has been travelling 91 cities of 51 different countries including countries from Bosnia to Nepal, South Africa to England, with the slogan of “For a Just World, From East to West” was recently in Japan.


The event was held in the Doshisha University situated in the city of Kyoto. The event was attended by Prof. Masanori Naito from Doshisha University, UDEF Project Co-ordnator Muhammed Halid Durmus, General Vice President of IHH Said Demir and international students.


Putting forth his inaugural speech, Prof. Naito said, “UDEF endeavors to act as guardians of international students. UDEF is an organization that works for international students in Turkey in order to ensure their pleasant stay, leaving with a great satisfaction, a good carrier and profession for themselves.


Later speaking in the event, UDEF Project Co-ordinator Muhammed Halis Durmus said, “The presence of some 150 thousand international students in Turkey from 203 different countries is forming the center of the idea of ‘We Are One Nation’. This consciousness is formed by the contributions of our fellow international students. We as UDEF strive to be of utmost help to our international students, regardless of their country of origin.


Mr. Durmus who briefed about the higher education opportunities in Turkey said, “Turkey possesses favorable conditions for university education. We as UDEF try to be Ansar (of utmost help) to our international students irrespective of their origin. With our 64 different associations throughout Turkey we are always by the side of our international students.”


Following the speech from Mr. Durmus, Mr. Demir from IHH put forth his words talking about the volunteer aid and relief activities of IHH.


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