Iraq Joins Justice Call

12th International Students’ Gathering, the unison of various cultures and colors was recently held in Iraq. The event, which noticed remarkable presence of Turkish Alumni from Iraq and international students continuing their education in Turkey helped plant deeper intercontinental leniency and love.


This year, UDEF’s 12th International Students’ Gathering, with the slogan of “For a Just World, From East to West”, which is projected to be held in 91 different cities of 51 different countries was recently held in Iraq as well.


The event of Kirkuk city was attended by President of Turken Fatih Torunlari Association Can Halil Kasap, Chairman of Iraq Turkmen Development Party Enver Bayraktar, Deputy Manager of Kirkuk Sunni Foundation Hasan Beyoglu, President of Turkmen NGOs Mardin Gokkaya, President of Musallaspor Club Eyat Kadir, President of Agriculture Engineers’ Association Abdunnasir Sarraf, Researcher and Author Semseddin Turkmenoglu, Inspector of Turkmen Schools Felah Emin, Imam Azam Faculty Member Muhammed Cabbar Bayatli, Deputy Head of Agriculture Department Ilham Nureddin, Principal of Aksu Primary School  Salahaddin Salihi, President of Middle East Development and Aid Association Sabah Huseyin, Principal of Bilaya Primary School Imad Bilayali, representatives of various NGOs and several international students.


The event started with the recitation of the Noble Quran. Following the recitation, Mehmet Ali Akpinar, who was attending the event on behalf of UDEF presented his speech. Akpinar while mentioning abaout the increase in interest of international students towards Turkey said, “The number of international students have been noticed to be on surge since 2004. International students who travel to Turkey from far off their homes, we try our level best not leaving them alone, by being at their sides in all situations. As UDEF, we strive to bridge hearts with the motive of Ansar-Muhajir Brotherhood. We support international students with counselling, guidance, stipend and accommodation, meanwhile, reminding them of their vital role in the establishment of a world full of peace.”


Deputy Manager of Kirkuk Sunni Foundation, Hasan Beyoglu speaking at the event said, “I extend my earnest gratitude towards UDEF for their valued efforts in the matters of introducing Iraq to the world as well as from the perspective of international students.”


Musical and local dance performances made the event more vibrant. At the end of the program, participants were served with local Ethiopian delicacies.


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