Kirsehir Meets International Students

By the means of UDEF’s 12th International Students’ Gathering, international students from dozens of origins and hundreds of cultures met in Kirsehir.

Organized by the International Federation of Student Associations (UDEF), the International Students’ Gathering took place in Kırsehir, which was hosted Ahi Evran International Student Association; one of the affiliates of UDEF.

The event, which bore a slogan of “For a Just World, From East to West” was organized at Cacabey Square with participants from Ahi Evran University and students from nearby cities.

Mehmet Enes Arıkan, Head of Corporate Relations at UDEF, in his speech said that with these events they aim to create awareness among the students in whichever city or country they are. 

Arikan mentioned how these activities are helping students to introduce and promote their countries, continued saying, “We shall be organizing these events in 91 cities of 51 different countries. More than 150 thousand currently are studying in Turkey. We open the doors of our hearts to our fellow international students. We embrace them with our cultural values and traditions. We believe in supporting those who leave their homes to seek education. These international students in our country are no foreigners but our guests.”

Deputy Mayor of Kırsehir Emre Şahinci stated that they see international students as those entrusted to them and said, “As people of Kirsehir, we strive to make them feel at home. We are always one body and together.”

The President of Ahi Evran International Student Association Seyfettin Cerit also stated that he wished for pleasant stay of international students in Turkey, leaving with a great satisfaction, a good carrier and profession.

Following the speeches, stands of various countries were visited. The activities consisted cultural exhibitions and performances from the students. Citizens were also served delicacies from different international cuisines. 


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