Kocaeli says "For A Just World, From East to West"

This year, the 12th International Students’ Gathering organized by UDEF with the slogan of “For a Just World, From East to West” in 51 countries and 91 different cities has concluded its Kocaeli phase, Kocaeli International Student Association (an affiliate of UDEF), along with the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, organized the event at Milli Irade Square.

With a slogan of "For a Just World, From East to West", The 12th International Students’ Gathering which this year is projected to be held in 51 Countries and 91 different cities, completed its Kocaeli phase. The event which was held at Kocaeli Milli Irade Square with a participation of students, with their exhibition stands, from around 60 different countries of the world. Vice Mayor of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tahir Buyukakin, Deputy Governor of Kocaeli Dursun Balaban, Rector of Kocaeli University Prof. Dr. Sadettin Hulagu, UDEF President Mehmet Ali Bolat, President of Kocaeli International Student Association Fatih Karacoban, Deputy General Secretary of Kocaeli M.M.  Dr. Ali Yesildal, Head of Kocaeli M.M. Youth and Sports Department Ali Bilgi, President of KIHMED Sabahttin Yamak, Vice Rector of Gebze Technical University Prof. Dr. Arif Cagdas Aydinoglu, Ismail Yesildal from Kocaeli IHH Humanitarian Aid, IZAYDAS General Manager Muhammet Sarac, Manager of Kocaeli Immigration Department Mehmet Erkoc and a large number of international students and locals attended the event.


Folk Dance Presentations


The event that continued for two days had folk dance performances as in Caucasian Lezginka, Acaruli and Ahiska from Inegol Ahiskalilar Folklor Group along with similar dances from students from Yemen, Afghanistan and Mongolia. This year a traditional Turk tent was installed at the center of venue that served special Ozbek Rice and other delicacies along with tea and coffee. Moreover, students offered their traditional foods to the participants.


Our Volunteer Cultural Ambassadors


In his inaugural speech, President of Kocaeli Intenational Student Association, Fatih Karacoban said, “We came together for our 12th grand event. I would like to thank you all for your valued presence. Our fellow international brothers and sisters showed a great devotion for this program. We introduce our people and our country to the international students. When they return, they will be our volunteer cultural ambassadors. This is our only opinion towards them.”


150 Thousands Alumni in 160 Countries


President of UDEF, Dr. Mehmet Ali Bolat said, “These events will be held in 51 different countries. We have been doing this program since 12 years in order to bring forth the spectacular scenario that we have here. We are brothers. There are 150 Thousands Turkish alumni in 160 countries. The international students who come from different corners of the world to Turkey for education are our brothers and sisters and they are so valued to us. We do not forget our alumni as well. I would like to everyone for their support in organizing this program.”


Increase the Quota to 5 Thousand


Following President Bolat, Rector of Kocaeli University, Sadettin Hulagu said, “International students will be cultural ambassadors for us. We are proud and glad to host you here. The quota for international students in our university has been on rise ever since. In addition, we expect to increase it up to 5 Thousand. I would like to extend my gratitude towards those who assisted in making this event successful.”


A Just World is Possible

Mayor of Kocaeli M.M., Tahir Buyukakin later in the event said, “This program and the speech that I am making is the first one as a Mayor. A just world is possible. To have a just world in future, necessary steps are meant to be taken today. First, we need to dream so. We have brothers and sisters from all races and colors. Several things are there that we need to do on an international scale. Each student here is a cultural ambassador. Let us enrich further the events of these kinds. After the speeches from the delegates, the ribbon cutting was held. Further, the delegates visited the stands and talked to the students in person.


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