The Award Giving Ceremony of “My Country is Turkey”, an International Students’ Short Film, Poem and Story Competition by UDEF, was held at Ankara Chamber of Commerce.

The Award Giving Ceremony of “My Country is Turkey”, an International Students’ Short Film, Poem and Story Competition by UDEF, was held at Ankara Chamber of Commerce.


The Award Giving Ceremony of “My Country is Turkey”, an International Students’ Short Film, Poem and Story Competition was attended by Health Minister Ahmet Demircan, Chairman of World Ethnosports Confederation Necmeddin Bilal Erdogan, Youth and Sports Deputy Minister Abdurrahim Boybukalin, various Members of Parliament, Mayors, Chancellors of universities, bureaucrats and international students.

“Turkey is their second nation.”

Chairman of UDEF Mehmet Ali Bolat in his speech in the ceremony mentioned that in last 34 years some 100 thousand international students from 160 different countries graduated from Turkey, whereas today the number of international students is around 114 thousand from 203 countries of the world. Mr. Bolat who emphasized that the international students who spend the spring of their lives i.e. youth here are none but Turkish and further said, “When they return back they represent Turkey till the end. Turkey is their second nation.”

“We don’t see them as Foreigners”

Later in the ceremony, Health Minister Ahmet Demircan, addressing the international students, said, “The things that you earn here; your experiences, knowledge, brotherhood and unity, spread to everywhere in the world. We do not see you as foreigners here. You are our own brothers and sisters. It is a matter of great honor and pride help them live the best of their youths and to facilitate learning to our students, who travel from different corners of world to a place so good and of a vital geographic importance.

Mr. Demircan who likens Anatolia to a memory card that holds the memory of humankind further said, “Anatolia, is a geography that holds the account of mankind.”

Mr. Demircan even delivered regarding Al-Kuds (Jerusalem), recalling that in Al-Kuds, which has always been a city of importance and taken care by people various faiths; under the peace period during 638-1099 established by Ottoman rule, none saw a single minor violence. Demircan who said that the tears in Al-Kuds have not ceased since 1918, recommended youths to study the history of Al-Kuds. Minister Demircan further evaluated the voting regarding Al-Kuds in UN General Assembly, “Al-Kuds shall be center of peace, we saw its trace yesterday. Yesterday’s event shows that humanity is not dead. It showed that humanity still is capable of rising and acting in unison against oppression. Turkey played a vital role in this revolution under the torchbearer and the beacon leadership of Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The rock has been shaken. These events will find their ultimate course. Al-Kuds where the humanity has been put into chaos, peace will be restored over Al-Kuds.”

Expain the truth whichever nation you go.

The Chief Guest of the award ceremony, President of World Ethnosports Confederation Necmeddin Bilal Erdogan in his speech said, “With every passing year Turkey shall shine as a felicitous destination for students from all over the world.” Addressing the international students mentioned, “In the 4-5 years that you spend here, you become an individual of our family. This is very important for us.”
Erdogan further recorded, “The Turkish families has been growing and spreading with arrival of guests of your kind for years. When you return to your respective countries, among the people outside Turkey, you will be the ones who know Turkey in the right and the best regards. After spending 4-5 years here, being our guests, brothers and sisters, family members, you will have attended the right cognition about Turkey.”

Erdogan, who even touched the issue of voting UN General Assembly regarding Al-Kuds, added that the world has been through a very important twist. Erdogan who emphasized that the world order established after Second World War has worn out and is incapable of bringing peace to anybody, later clarified adding, “We see that the system designed to put an end to genocides, eliminate inequalities and injustices among the people is nothing but in fact a plan of some opportunist to bake their own bread. We even see the how important the point of Our President’s statement “World is greater than five” is. Fourteen votes out of 15 members of UN Security Council cannot adopt a resolution. Because a single country’s stubbornness “Either my way or highway” exterminates everything.” 
Erdogan, mentioning about the efforts of countries to defame Turkey called out to international students, “When you go to these countries explain the truth against those defamations.” Erdogan said, “Those trying to defame Turkey ought to know that they are the ones supporting, fostering the genocides, wars and terrorism, either directly or indirectly. It does not have to be this way. A better world is possible. The dominators of this system never praised Turkish nation, who defeated the coup attempt of July 15. Never yelled, right here is the victory of democracy. Rather they later asked to spare the coup plotters. We know that this system is damaged from all that we have been through.”

Trump’s Blackmailing Backfired

One of the juries of the competition, Chairman of Ankara Chamber of Commerce (ACC) Gursel Baran in the beginning of his talk, was found evaluating decisions of UN General Assembly. Baran, emphasizing the adoption of the bill, which envisions the US withdrawal of the Al-Quds resolution by an overwhelming majority said, “The “I did it” logic of Trump administration was not accepted, his blackmailing and threatening backfired. Henceforth Trump administration is incumbent of nothing but forsaking its ill decision. Al-Quds is the first Qibla of Islam and its importance to the three Abrahamic religions is great. The countries that support the protection of the status of Al-Quds, have contributed to the harmony, peace and stability of the world.”

Baran informed, as ACC, about the great importance given to education, and attentions paid to the projects to introduce Turkey and increase its goodwill. Baran remarked about the Turkey’s consideration of international students as ‘Guests’ and said, “We aim to contribute to the global richness of knowledge with our guest students, to promote the academic development of friendly and brotherly countries, to promote economic development and solidarity with them, to improve social and cultural communication, and to sow seeds of political and diplomatic relations.”

Recalling 143 thousand international students in Turkey from all over the world, Baran said, “You are very important and precious to us. If you stay with us after your studies in our universities, you would contribute to us as a means of development of our country. If you go to your countries, you would act as a cultural ambassador and as a bridge between two countries in political, social, cultural and commercial aspects.”

Following the opening speeches, the winners in poem, story and short film sections were awarded. Mnasbeg Maksudov from Kigizistan who became first in short film category received the award from Chairman of World Ethnosports Confederation Necmeddin Bilal Erdogan. Ouesseini Zorome from Burkina Faso received the first prize, under the story section, from Health Minister Ahmet Demircan. Similarly, Sabina Abbasli from Azerbaijan received award from UDEF Chairman Mehmet Ali Bolat for her poem that stood first in position. The ranking students were awarded with laptop computers, Turkish Airlines round trip tickets and Turkish National Team jersey.


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