UDEF organized 3rd International Students Symposium at Necmettin Erbakan University, Konya on 21-22 October 2017.

UDEF organized 3rd International Students Symposium at Necmettin Erbakan University, Konya on 21-22 October 2017


The presentations, in the symposium, from 68 competent researchers, academician and experts from 20 different countries including Turkey draw an intensive attention of attendees.

The main theme of the symposium was International Students - Expectations, Problems and Strategies, the symposium revolved around following points:

1.    International Students and Perception
2.    Education Process of International Students
3.    International Students and Infrastructure - Current Situation, Problems, Perspectives,
4.    International Student Policy- Past, Present and Future
5.    International Students as an Investment
6.    Migrations and International Students

The inauguration program of the symposium, hosted by UDEF Chairman Mehmet Ali Bolat and Chancellor of Necmettin Erbank University Prof. Dr. Muzaffer Seker, was attended by Mayor of Konya Metropolitan City Tahir Akyurek, AK Party Konya Member of Parliaments Haci Ahmet Ozdemir and Husnuye Erdogan, senior bureaucrats, members from various academic communities and international students.

On the first day of the symposium, honored by presence of Chad's former Ambassador to Turkey, Dean of the Faculty of Political Sciences of  Medeniyet University Dr. Ahmet Kavas as chief speakers, a panel of the NGO and governmental authorities in Turkey working in regards of international students was formed. The session chaired by Asst. Prof. Dr. Selman Duran, member of Faculty of Business and Management Sciences at Istanbul Medipol University, had panel members; Serhat Acar from YTB, Mustafa Yildiz from MEB, Ahmet Babaoglu from Deparment of Migration Management, Ebubekir Armagan from UDEF and Veysi Kaya from TDV, who respresented their respective institutions in the panel.

40 reports in English and Turkish languages were presented by 68 researchers, academician and experts working in respective fields  from 20 differents countries, including Turkey.

Apart from Turkey, the intense participation of academicians from Afghanistan, Albania, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bosnia Herzegovina, Algeria, Djibouti, Indonesia,  Ethiopia, Filistin, Iran, Iraq, Kazakistan, Macedonia, Malaysia, Niger, Uzbekistan and Pakistan also drew a lot of attention.

The closing session of the symposium concluded with speeches from Chairman of the session Asst. Prof. Dr. Selman Duran, on behalf of UDEF and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zekeriya Mizrak on behalf of Konya Necmettin Erbakan University.

Our Activities

•    International Students’ Meet: It is program directed to help the international students, who came to our country for their higher studies, getting exposed and introduced to local public, putting forth their organizational skills, knowing Turkey in better ways, introducing their own country and providing the local public meets.

•    International Students Sempozyum: Its goal to draw attention of the international students who does not have enough academic interest in our country and to promote research and academic literatures.

•    There are many unfulfilled necessities of international students' in terms of education, culture, social life, sports, health and so on. And one the most important of these is the adaptation of students to the cultural and social environment.

In this regard, the competition themed and organized as “My Country is Turkey” in the 3 categories of Short Film, Story and Poem, as UDEF we were able to provide the intenational students a platfrom to express themselves through art.

•    Apart from dealing with the daily tasks and needs of the international students from differnet countries and universities, we believe that our distinct  efforts provide ground for them to spread  the values that we believe and the working methods to the Ummah all over the world.

•    UDEF is a federation that addresses all sorts of issues related to intenational students as if its own and believes it is not only important to approach them in practical terms but also on theoritical grounds and researching on scientific framework. Our units are determined to work in these regards.

•    UDEF aims to put efforts in a way that our academies prioritizes to identify problems of international students in Turkey, to research and to be sent to respective non-governmental organizations while reporting at the necessary governmental institutions and to incorporate in developing new national and local scale policies and to add perspectives in works of such kind.

•    UDEF seeks to raise its standards of working in terms of international students in Turkey by organizing Consultative Meeting thrice a year with participation of presidents and vice presidents of all the student associations and representatives from the cities where no such association are found.

•    In order to monitor the activities of associations under UDEF, to get more support by opening of new associations and reprensatitives, the organizations are done through the regional coordinators. The regional system not only provides better coordination among existing associations and representatives, but also provides grounds for appointment of new representative in cities where no representatives are found.

•    UDEF Executive Board comprises of 18 members. The meetings are held on Thursdays, every fortnight, at the federation headquarters.


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