As UDEF, we were able to take the 11th International Students’ Meet to 75 cities of 45 different countries throughout the world, which was concluded with a final program in Istanbul. Hon’ble President of the Republic of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Deputy Prime Minister Hakan Cavusoglu, Youth and Sports Minister Osman Askin Bak and many other delegates, attended the final program that was held under the Auspices of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey at the Halic Congress Center,

As UDEF, this year, we brought thousands of international students together in the 11th International Students’ Meet with the slogan ‘Tens of Colours, Hundreds of Culture to describe, ‘World is Greater than Five’.’ The 11th International Students’ Meet was held between 1 April - 12 May with participation of the 62 International Students’ Associations and 25 representative bodies under UDEF, in 75 cities of 45 different countries across the world.

UDEF took a step further.

The final of the cultural introduction and interrelation programs of some 115 thousand from 203 different countries was held in Istanbul. While addressing the students in the final program, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in his speech quoting, “Unity brings strength.” mentioned that the unison, which began with students and graduates’ associations, has advanced a step further with UDEF.
President Erdogan while confirming the efforts being made in order to provide better opportunities for international students in Turkey, added in his speech, “We; being members of the same civilization as owners of common ideals must determine our own future. My request to you, protect and preserve your own mother tongue, your own culture, your own true history.”

We must support UDEF

“We must support, altogether, this auspicious initiative (UDEF). If we fail to fill up these gaps, we end up giving chances to terrorist organizations like FETO and DEASH, other powers that still breed nasty colonization dirt in their minds.”, President Erdogan further added.

Turkey is Your Second Homeland

“We find ourselves exactly in the same sentiments for you the way that we cherish our own children and are worried in terms of their future. We are pleased that you accepted Turkey as your second homeland. When you return to the countries you belong, you should have no doubt that we shall see each one of you as our honorary representatives. The further this network spreads and the stronger we hold on to it, the better we shall get out of it.”, President Erdogan who said so concluded his speech saying, “Convey our greetings (Salam) to your countries.”

Following the President Erdogan’s speech, Chairman of UDEF Mehmet Ali Bolat showed his gratitude to President Erdogan by presenting him a tableau which contained a marvelous Ottoman Calligraphy mentioning, his own famous words which he said in UN General Assembly, “World is greater than five”.


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