The Colors of World Meet in Bangladesh

This year’s with the slogan of “For a Just World, From East to West”, 12th International Students’ Gathering of UDEF completes its Bangladesh phase with ineffaceable memories.


The event, which was held in the city of Dhaka, Bangladesh, was attended by UDEF Executive Assistant Aslan Bekiroglu, UDEF South Asian Coordinator Md Salah Uddin, Director General of Bangladesh Foreign Ministry's UN Desk Nahida Sobhan, President of Runner Bangladesh Association Şefikul Hasan, Chief of Dhaka Medical College Dr. Khan Abul Kalam Azad and Charge d'affaires of Embassy of Republic of Turkey, Dhaka, Enis Erdem.


The event began with Quranic Recitation following which Aslan Bekiroglu, Executive Assistant of UDEF, told the meeting: “The number of international students have been noticed to be on surge since 2004. International students who travel to Turkey from far off their homes, we try our level best not leaving them alone being by their side in all situations. As UDEF, we strive to bridge hearts with the motive of Ansar-Muhajir Brotherhood. We support international students with counselling, guidance, stipend and accommodation, meanwhile, reminding them of their vital role in the establishment of a world full of peace.”


Briefing about the education in Turkey, UDEF South Asian Coordinator, Md Salah Uddin added, “Turkish possesses very favorable conditions for university education. We, as UDEF, put our efforts in order to provide our utmost help to the international students regardless of their origin. With 64 different student organizations all over Turkey, we are always by their side.”


Later in the event, Charge d'affaires of Embassy of Republic of Turkey, Dhaka, Enis Erdem said, “I would like extend my thankfulness toward UDEF. Through their activities, there has been a significant increase in the number of international students in Turkey in last 15 years. I will recommend the Foreign Ministry to open a special body for international students.”


With various cultural performances, the event seemed no less than a feast. In the end, the visitors were served with delicious Bangladeshi delicacies.


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