The voice rising from Lebanon: “For a Just World, From East to West”

The 12th International Students’ Gathering of UDEF, which this year is projected to be held in 51 Countries and 91 different cities, was hosted in Lebanon recently. The gathering in the city of Tripoli, attended by the Lebanese students studying in Turkey, further strengthened the ties between the two countries.

Furkan Ozdemir, Director of Beirut Yunus Emre Institute, Muhammet Gulsatar, President of Yetim Foundation, Abdullah Demir, President of Giresun International Students’ Association (affiliated to UDEF), Baris Osman, Vice-Coordinator of UDEF Corporate Affairs, numerous academicians and international students attended the program held in the city of Tripoli.

Vice-Coordinator of UDEF Corporate Affairs, Baris Osman delivered the inaugural speech saying, “I am glad to be in Lebanon, a country with which we share historical ties. Indeed, these closenesses and common interests are the verifications of the idea of We Are One Nation. Today, the presence of around 150,000 students from 203 countries makes Turkey the center of the same sentiment and ideology.” Osman while answering the queries of the attendees, further explained things related to higher education opportunities in Turkey.

The program emphasized that guest students, each one of whom is a voluntary ambassador of their respective culture and nation, play a very important role in intercultural interaction. The program later was accompanied by presentations introducing Lebanon to the attendees, followed by a question answer session and concluded with Moroccan and Lebanese foods being served.


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